Friday, 27 April 2012

Are USB cables the modern day rabbits?...

Its been a bit of a  funny old day on the cut. Following Debs proclamation yesterday 'think I'll clean the roof today' (not something she would normally say on a cold, wet and windy day-or any other day come to think of it) she decided as it carried on pi precipitating it down that today would be a great day to start wax polishing the sides (at least the bit near the towpath). 

I hadn't mentioned before but because of the low water level (don't know where all the rain is going) the canal we are on is about six inches down so we can't quite get close enough to the bank. We have had to use the plank to get to and from shore which Deb has been a bit uneasy about (it's usually the other way around in our family, if anyone is going to fall over it would be Jess then me and Deb always guaranteed to stay upright!) So to get to the only available side to polish deb had to bridge the gap with the plank (kept darting in and out to try and take the inevitable 'you've been framed' photo but it never came - shame that would have bought three and half batteries).

starting to look shiny

How come I have got more USB cables than devices that use USB? I left some at work, threw a good few away in the skip before leaving Poole, we have stored a few away here just in case and still I am finding more every day. I have left the two I found yesterday in my camera bag to see if it stays as two or see indeed if they are actually multiplying! Maybe I can invent a data cable version of myxomatosis and rid the world of the unwanted scourge of surplus USB cables) 

Whilst carrying on with my carpentry I was able to provide breakfast for the eight fluffy new neighbours who are growing louder every time the float by (definitely float, they don't swim they are so small and light that they just float on the surface) and I must try and get a video clip before they grow too much. LJ is in a bit of a state again today but hopefully the roof boxes will be at least built by tomorrow just awaiting their coat of colour)

bit of tidying needed I think

In between Deb's 'T' breaks (followed about an hour later by 'P' breaks) a narrowboat went past with a lady at the tiller and three people from a brass band playing their instruments sat on the roof in the rain.

Like I said bit of a funny old day!

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