Tuesday, 8 May 2012


We arrived at the chandlers a bit late on Sunday but we knew what was on the dreaded lit. Batteries stored on the rear deck, loo emptied and water filled we left Braunston by 4.30 headed n the direction of lime farm marina for our long over due engine service on Wednesday. Who knows if we will meet up again with walkie man, jogging woman, stargazing man et all on our voyage.

Ducks always want in on the act

 The weather was still good although cooling down rapidly. Crew had her turn at helm, her pedestal brought few remarks from passers by.

The fields gently roll by as we get out into the countryside, no roads, no houses, no street lights and not many other boats either

After we turned a corner Deb popped her head out from the front of the boat alarmed that we were headed straight for shore. But I had spied a felled tree!

Bench set up, saw ready, logs retrieved and safety trainers on I set about increasing our log pile. Unfortunately my tree knowledge isn't up to much and we had cut, chopped and piled yet another type of willow that, according to a quick check on line provides as much heat and flame when burnt as a soggy tissue. Never mind, good practise and a nice spot to stop until tomorrow brings us another glorious sunny day.

Tomorrow (BH Monday - or now yesterday??)

Nope no sun, cloud then rain and more rain. Today's task - fit the battery monitor and new batteries. When I said that getting to the batteries was a bit tight I wasn't joking, it's like one of those kids puzzles where you have to slide one tile to get to another. It is also a bit like spaghetti junction so first ob was to label every wire so we know where it goes back. (its also messy, cold and about a foot lower that where you are kneeling!)  

Deb finished tightening the connections while I straightened my back from all the lifting and bending. The batteries weigh 25kg each! That's 125kg lifted onto the boat; lifted down below for storage; old batteries lifted out then swung across to the bank; new batteries lifted out from storage and installed; old batteries carried to the front of the boat and stored - today (Tuesday) my neck and back are really hurting (hope nothing goes pop!)


Much better weather today, actually quite warm for our onward journey. And we even managed a short bike ride to tescos to pick up a few bits and order my home brew kit (V exited)

An old ambulance in a garden

Waiting for the locks

Through the last one before Rugby

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