Saturday, 9 February 2013

Time to celebrate...

Remembering anniversaries has never been one of my strong points. Well not entirely true, at home we regularly had drawers full of cards bought but not sent. 

There have been two milestones passed in the last week. I've managed to make it through another year and happily celebrated the day with Deb finishing the day with a great meal in the Grayhound all organised and paid for over the phone by mum and dad. I was quite surprised that a canal side pub in a very average kind of wider neighbourhood would have its restaurant fully booked on a drizzley Tuesday evening in February. That is testament to the atmosphere, quality of the food and beer and the pleasant relaxed nature of the staff who, in the restaurant at least, were working at full pelt for the three hours we were there.

The other notable but very surprising milestone that I was aware of but missed by a couple of days was a blog milestone. I originally planned to write our travels and my thoughts and musings for our perusal only using word or similar on the pc. I would have liked to have had the skills to keep a neat and tidy paper journal but as well as impractical the logistics behind referencing photos and reading whilst following the pictures on the pc made it prohibitive. The chances are that my hundred or so posts would have been read no more than a couple of times so it not only surprises me but was quite shocking to see the 'posts read' soaring past the 10,000 mark this week! 

Have you lot not got anything better to do? :) :)

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