Tuesday, 25 February 2014


Why is it that when you try and replace one loose tile, another half a dozen fall off. Cleaned, scraped, bulkhead prepared they seem to be holding their positions behind the stove.

I'd been putting this quick job off until the weather was mild enough to let the stove go out. It has felt crazy mild over the last few days so I let the fire go out over night, the first time it's been off this year. It died fighting thought with the few nuggets of coal put on in the early evening still managing enough heat to turn the Eco Fan at ten the next morning. 

Of course it will live on the roof not the breakfast bar

Other DIY jobs on Deb's work days have involved using copious amounts of varnish and a little bit of woodwork. Whilst the fire was cooling down I set about chimney cleaning, remarkably clear seeming as it hasn't been done for at least six months. Still a messy job taking all the internals apart and cleaning them all up. The very fragile (almost lace-like) old chimney pot came down and a new slightly taller one replaced it. The taller chimney will draw a little more efficiently but makes bridge holes even more tricky, so for when we are on the move I've made a little cradle and will cobble the old one into a short stubby traveling one.

The mild weather has brought a some boats out over the last few days but I think we'll have to rename the winding hole here as the wedging hole. Poor Peter and Heather on Blackberry Way took the brunt of the abuse.  As usual it seems to be the boaters who profess to the most experience being the ones who took an hour to sort themselves out, with the first of the 2014 pirates working the boat the sensible way and pulling the front around into the wind.

Quite early for pirate season

As per the general rule of thumb, hirers are a pleasure to come across. Though there are exceptions.

We had a fantastic evening with fellow boaters Bob and June Owen, and of course Jim the trainee guide dog (from Autumn Myst) at their beautiful home in the Birmingham 'burbs. June really spoiled us with a delicious three course meal and Bob's taxi service was most appreciated. Thanks again both, hopefully meet up again on our travels.

Under Snow Hill station

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