Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Market Drayton

We decided to stay in Market Drayton for a couple of days and had a nice visit from Mick and Elly on Parisian Star, they were passing through so stopped off for a visit and quick trip to the shops before continuing on their way. It was lovely to see you both again before you head back home to Oz in a few months and thank you for your lovely comments about Lois Jane.

Me with Mick and Elly

Mick doing a good job of hiding

Bye guys, hope you enjoy the rest of your time 
We have had a couple of trips into the town, it's about a mile from the canal, there is quite a range of supermarkets Lidl, Morrison's and a smallish Asda, there is also plenty of other shops including Wilkinson's and Argos Extra. On our couple of trips we thought the town seemed very quiet but not so on market days which is Wednesday and Saturday. It was bustling and many bargains were to be had from the many stalls, James managed to get a great deal from the meat stall where we got 5 large chicken breasts and two massive rump steaks all for a tenner, then managed to persuade the guy to throw in a couple of pork loin steaks as well. 

Market day the town comes to life
The town itself is very historic, there has been a street market since 1245. Many of the towns houses are black and white half timbered buildings from the 17th and 18th Centuries after a great fire in 1651. Some of these buildings had facades added in Victorian times. 

This pub claims to be the oldest in town, shame the building needs loads of TLC

Lovely buildings throughout the town

Grove House, now part of the school, the engineer building the canal once owned it

Stables to Grove House, shame it's a really bad conversion
We are moored up on the embankment on an aqueduct going over a road and the River Tern, there are forty old stone steps leading down to the road below, one of the routes into town.

LJ is up there just behind the trees

The 40 stones steps leading up to the canal


  1. I disagree that Grove stables are a bad conversion. I have lived here for a year now and the insides are outstanding. The renovation has been sympathetically done and it retains a lot of the original features.

    1. Sorry, I didn't mean to offend anyone it's just my observations after a couple of decades of being in property and development.