Friday, 19 December 2014

Atherstone to Alvecote

Whilst in Atherstone we headed down to take a look at the market, it was a bit of a disappointment, guess there isn't a call for it at this time of year and also the weather wasn't that brilliant, I'm sure when we have been in Atherstone before it was quite busy.

Not a good day for the market
On Tuesday we left Atherstone in the nice sunshine, we were only through the first lock then there was a bit of a shower but not for long, the sun was soon out again and not a breath of wind.

Making good use of the old side ponds
We made good timing down the locks passing five boats on their way up, so a few were on the move.

One of the new gates, this flight was only re-opened a few days before

Last descent

And she's out and we're on our way, I did have to remind James to wait for me this time
After a bit of role reversal at the services, I did water, loo and bin and James finished washing up and made sarnies for the rest of the trip, we made it to Alvecote about half an hour before sunset.

James had a chat with the geese, he's good at talking goose - I'm not
Today (Thursday) we moved across the canal so we were outside the Samuel Barlow pub, we have the luxury of electric and a water tap outside the kitchen window. I'm sure the new batteries are enjoying getting fully charged and I am looking forward to dinner and a cider in the pub next door - and it's not far to stagger back.

Outside the Samuel Barlow pub, not far to go for dinner

7 miles and 11 locks
Total 565.5 miles and 388 locks

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