Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Rugeley to Fazeley

On Saturday we had a stroll into Rugeley to pick up a few bits and pieces from town, on the way back to LJ we saw Ian and Irene from FreeSpirit making their way into town, we stopped for a quick chat. When we got back to LJ they were moored immediately in front of us so a bit more catching up on their return from shopping before they continued on their journey. 

Bye Ian and Irene, hopefully have a proper get together later in the year
We set off just after lunch and were in a convoy with two boats in front and one behind us. it made it easy at the now roofless Armitage Tunnel, as it is so narrow and you cant see on coming boats you have to check it's all clear before proceeding, with two boats in front we could follow on. It's the first time I have actually been on the boat going through this section.

Spode House and Hawkesyard Hall

Armitage Tunnel

This was the boat behind - very narrow section

Spode Cottage is a pub

The Armitage loos ready for dispatch

And the factory where they're made
As we continued on the boat immediately in front of us stopped so when we got to Wood End Lock we didn't have to wait too long. We stopped just before Shadehouse Lock and managed to get a spot on the visitor moorings there.

Shadehouse Lock Moorings
We stayed there Sunday, it was fairly busy with boats coming and going so we stayed put and I got my sewing machine out and continued on with my current project. It was mid afternoon and about 30 boats had passed by during the course of the day (according the the lock keeper) James had put a springer on the rear rope and we were pretty secure,  LJ had barely moved as the many boats passed. Suddenly there was a loud clattering sound and we surged forward, there was a boat racing past us and the speed he was going ripped our piling hooks at the back through the piling, I went to the front to see us drifting about 2ft from the bank , I shouted out to the steerer if he had realised how fast he was going, his reply - sorry I was talking and got distracted - unbelievable. It was only when we went out to re-secure LJ to the bank that we realised the damage that was caused due to our sudden movement, a part of the piling stuck out and our fender being moved with the boat. So thank you nb Dawn Mist the person who has this weeks share has caused us damaged due to their incompetence, bloody selfishness and lack of ability to talk and control his boat at the same time.

In need of a bit of TLC
On Monday we headed down the two locks to Fradley Junction where we turned right onto the Coventry Canal. Dudley seems to be loving sitting watching whilst we are on the move, but at times it all gets too much for him. We continued onto Fazeley Junction and turned right popping into Fazeley Mill Marina before heading back to Fazeley and mooring outside Peels Wharf.

Dudkey got a little tired

Spring is finally here

I love these yellow fields

Fazeley Mill

Back at Peels Wharf for a few days

18.5 miles and 3 locks
TOTAL 162 miles and 157 locls


  1. We've had problems with that share boat speeding too so I doubt it was a momentary lapse on his part.

    1. Unfortunately we've come across a few share boats with speed problems. It's a shame as it just takes one of the share owners to give the boat a bad name when the others could be very considerate.