Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Bugbrooke to Blisworth

We stayed a few days in Bugbrooke, the only downside here is the noise from the Virgin trains as they hurtle by, but you do tend to get used to it. It's been quite a windy few days but luckily no rain which meant James could get on with a few more pens ready for the Blisworth Canal Festival. 

I do like the walks around Bugbrooke, they are well signposted and the farmers do keep the footpaths very clear. They seem mostly crop fields here, the occasional one with sheep but no sign of cows, as much as I love cows I don't like crossing fields with them in. 

This path took us under the canal aqueduct, it was dated 1809
We moved off yesterday with the wind quite strong which made it a bit tricky, we stopped at the facilities wharf at Gayton Junction, Olly on Queen Mauve passed by, a few minutes later he sent James a Facebook message saying he had spotted us but it was too windy to slow, I don't blame him we had fun and games reversing back out and on our way again.

Olly took this photo of LJ as he passed 
Nick, the boat organiser for the Blisworth festival had told us roughly where our spot was and that they had marked them all out, we arrived and found it fairly easily. Nick popped over in the evening to introduce himself and say hello. So first impressions are nice, friendly and organised. I'm now just waiting for my Tesco delivery.

Our spot marked out

Just need to get the banner and bunting up now

4.5 miles and 0 locks
TOTAL 385.5 miles and 379 locks

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