Wednesday, 2 December 2015

On the move again

The contractors eventually turned up yesterday at about mid-day to assess the tree, the verdict was 'it's a big one'!!

They did try to move it by chaining the trunk and pulling with a little tractor thing but it didn't budge an inch, by then it was 2pm and they said they would return in the morning with a boat and get it cut into smaller sections and clear a passage. Martin on fuel boat Halsall had joined us and then later on another boat came by not realising he couldn't get through.

Early morning and the three boats waiting

Dudley enjoying his walk

And the tree again

We were assured they would be here this morning at about 8/8:30am needless to say it was well gone 9am when they actually arrived, then they had to sort their equipment so time was getting on when work finally began. We were told they were expecting to have a clear passage for the boats at around midday, this was a bit optimistic, we finally got on our way around 2pm and one of the guys kindly chopped some wood into manageable pieces for us. The CRT area Manager was on hand and helped us load LJ with the wood along with one of the other waiting boaters. There were four guys clearing and once they were set up they worked continuously until enough was cleared to get the boats through. 


We went through first followed by Halsall and then I guess around four or five more boats after. We had a good run to the stop lock at the end of the Shroppie and turned right at Autherley Junction onto the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal and moored up just as it was getting dark. A quick trip to Morrison's about 10 minutes away and we even made it to the Post Office to send another pen on its way.

I just love these Highland Cows 

7.5 miles and 1 lock

TOTAL 719 miles and 556 locks


  1. Great, glad you have got away at last.. You will make it!!

    We are off out tomorrow to take the boat for a bit of a run.. Guess which way we are going!!! :D

    1. Thanks Sue, we've made it to Stourton today so another long day and we'll be in Merry Hill.

      Hope you managed to get lots of wood,we didn't take all the smaller bits the contractors cut down so hope you got some of those. They still had loads to drag out when we managed to squeeze by so you should be loaded down. xx

    2. Gosh we would have been loaded down with large rounds but the chain broke on the chainsaw after only cutting 10 rounds!!.. We picked up what we could of the smaller bits left. A boater turned up after us and continued cutting on the large couple of pieces we started on.. That was gutting to watch!!

      Glad you had a good day today and tomorrow the weather is going to be good so although hard work you will enjoy I am sure.