Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Tixall Wide to Norbury

As I haven't been updating the blog recently I am just going to do a few quick blogs to get it back up to date. We have had a very busy May attending four festivals/markets, now those are done we have a few weeks before our next one, so we are both able to get up to date with everything. James has been doing a good job keeping up with demand on the pens and as we have also been doing a lot of travelling he's been trying to do as much as he can on the move.

Moored at Stafford

River at Stafford

The flood plains

Moored at Penkridge

The roundhouse at Gailey Lock

Tight squeeze past the hire boat base

Hailstones at Gnosall

Trying to avoid a very muddy towpath

36 miles and 14 locks
TOTAL 153 miles and 142 locks

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