Saturday, 3 September 2016

Mercia Marina to Burton-upon-Trent

Wow, I can't believe it's been three months since my last blog post. So going back to our busy month of May with festivals and floating markets along with loads of travelling (well for us anyway). 

Mercia Marina hosted a floating market weekend, we traded off pontoons which was a first for us and proved a little awkward at times. The pontoons we were on by the boardwalk were only 40ft long and with our boat being 60ft we had to make sure our displays were well away from the end - we didn't want people walking off the end! We were sharing our pontoon with the trip boat which disappeared for 45 minutes every hour leaving us with 2ft wide pontoon and nothing to stop you stepping back and plopping in the water. But thankfully we managed the weekend without mishap.

All the other traders left on the Monday, we we asked if we could stay an extra night and celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary on 23rd May in the restaurant on the boardwalk so we didn't have far to walk to get back home.

Lovely sunset from our front doors

LJ by the boardwalk after the other traders had left
On Tuesday it was time to unplug from the luxury of electric hookup and make our way back up the canal to our next market at Burton-upon-Trent.

6 miles and 1 lock
TOTAL 246 miles and 173 locks

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