Wednesday, 11 July 2018

Ch Ch Ch Changes

We felt it needed a bit of a change around for two main reasons (and several minor ones)

Firstly the original blog (link) was really meant to be a gap year diary and now we're well on our way to year eight calling it a gap year or a career break seems a bit daft... and we ain't going back! 

Secondly, the old blog title, Lois Jane - loving the dream isn't going to be relevant soon.

Minor change wise, Deb has written loads of blog entries for our pen selling site The Pen Maker's Boat Blog. They can be quite repetitive but its nice to include with the pen's build blog a bit of what we have been up to cruising wise. It really is probably a lot easier to read (or not to) if in the pen blogs we keep to just about the pens but have a link to our travels blog, probably with a 'lead in' paragraph.

Now Blogger doesn't make it easy (not to me anyway) to change the name of a blog so we're having to re title our travels blog to make it more recognisable to pen buyers, are you still following me? So this blog (Lois Jane - living the dream) will be stopping soon and changing over to the new, yet to be published one, The Pen Maker's Journey. I'll carry on cross posting for a bit so anyone can follow over or not if they want to clear their feed up a bit. It would be appreciated if the boater blogging stalwarts could list us in their feeds though ;)


  1. New Link now up on our Blog List. I'll leave the old link up until you cease posting on it! Nice looking banner on the new blog!

    1. WOW thanks guys muchly appreciated, I've been reading back through a few of your original blog posts too ;)

  2. Hi you two!
    I've also changed the URL etc, on my blog. I like the new blog. the format you've chosen is very easy to read. xxx