Saturday, 8 September 2012

Birmingham art festival...

We had a very pleasant few days with our guest blogger who after a couple of relaxing days is off to a party on the Thames this morning followed  by clubbing and a train back to a friends house at about 10.00 tomorrow morning! Maybe I'm glad I'm not 21 again after all..

We finished our little get together watching the opening of the Birmingham art festival. A packed square saw a fantastic band from New York getting the crowds going. Think an eight piece Bangra/Jazz band and you won't be too far off. Their last gig the day before was for Obama at the White House!

As soon as it got properly dark more crowds tried to squeeze in with lots of people standing up and waiving at friends to come and occupy the last square foot on the steps. Then the Mandala performance started. Photos to follow as soon as possible.

It will be about 10.30 by the time jess is walked to the station and we are back up by the canal. We then have a choice of no less than 285 live performances over the day, as well as markets and workshops!

Where to begin.....Coffee and a bacon roll!

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