Saturday, 22 September 2012

I'm not gona moan about the rain, I'm not gona moan about the rain, I'm not gona moan about the rain...

Well if the previous day was a bit grey and miserable, yesterday was blooming I just couldn't help myself after all there is nothing more British than to moan about the weather.

We had moored up for the night at Leys Junction. Not a lot I can say about it really, it's a junction through an industrial estate with each plot having high concrete walls with razor wire on the top. I would presume for keeping oiks out but you never know, maybe there have been changes in the employment laws over the last five months.

Lock followed lock, drizzle followed rain followed drizzle. We stopped at about 3ish in a nice enough spot and it stayed dry enough to actually get the camera out, of course it started raining again as soon as we were off. We were both like drowned rats in our nearly waterproof waterproofs. But it was on the chilly side. We had the luxury of having the stove alight so could dry out a bit during our lunch stop. Warmed up with coffee and a stove top toasted sarnie of cheese, spicy mango chutney and a drop of mayo (half a chopped up chili in mine) we headed off in the direction of Kinver to over night.

Chilly outside toasty inside 
A nice place for a few nights if the weather was better
One of the redeeming features of this canal is that it is so clear. Quite a novelty really, on moored boats you can easily see the boats bottom plate and anodes. Soon tin cans on the canal floor were followed by just stones and weed, the landscape soon turned from pretty awful to beautiful. 

A much nicer stretch of canal than Leys Junction

Is this a location or a serving suggestion?

Definitely not as wishing well. 
As the weather forecast was ok we decided to spend today in Kinver and donned the walking boots for a bit of a hike. We were aiming in the general direction of the Kinver Edge rock housed but were glad that we went via some national trust land up through wooded hills and across heather lined meadows to an iron aged fort right on top of the hill. There were some great views right across Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Shropshire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. We could see the masts near the tunnel we had come through right across to the Malverns.

Hopefully stitch a few of these into a panorama pic when I get a mo
We continued down the hill to the rock houses making only one wrong turn (we were in no hurry and it was a nice afternoon for a walk). The houses were worth a visit and were only a few quid (or free with your NT card). We stopped for a well earned brew at their cafe before strolling back down to Kinver in the afternoon sun. We popped in for a couple of basics at the co-op to keep us going until we get to the next supermarket and headed back to LJ for a relaxing evening. Deb started a pork casserole to put on top of the stove and promptly forgot to put her scrumped apples in with it (never mind more for the pie tomorrow).

Rock feature in front of the rockery, in front of the rock house

Scrumper's cells

Have a break, have a ....

Entrance to the rock houses. When one neighbour moved out, next door just chiseled through to extend!
As the weather was so nice, the dinner slow cooking on the stove and forecast looking a bit iffy for tomorrow we decided on an evening cruise a bit further towards Kidderminster. Mum and Dad are taking part in an Eriba caravan meeting in Stourport on Severn so we have arranged to meet up over the next few days. Tonight though they are enjoying their anni present from my auntie Minn of a steam railway trip with a meal on board, sounds great and a brilliant idea for a pressie! Deb being a fan of both trains and eating out is most jealous.

Misty morning in Kinver

Sunny afternoon in Kinver

Tomorrow, a quick explore of Wolverley.


  1. Hi James and Debbie
    I see that you moored in almost the same spot as we did in Kinver, it just catches the sun. The lady opposite was complaining to me that there were not many Damsons on her tree this year.
    have a good trip down the Staffs and Worcester.
    bob and June

  2. Hi Bob 'n' June, nice to hear from you. Not stalking you honest! Heading to Stourport for a week or so whilst mum and dad are camping (guaranteed rain then!) I need to get some varnish advice from sandhills, who do you recommend emailing? Cheers James 'n' Deb