Friday, 18 January 2013

Hawkesbury Junction (Sutton Stop) in the snow...

On the phone last night mum was waiting for their dollop of snow over on the west coast of Wales. They don't often get too much over there and I can only remember proper  snow on a couple of occasion's in the fourteen years I lived there. The snow near the west coast has a habit of only visiting for a couple of hours then turning to a muddy brown slush that makes everything cold, damp and miserable (maybe Mum will email me a couple of pretty snaps if I'm proven wrong - still waiting for ones from August though!!)

Anyway as promised here are some extra pics of today's snow in Sutton Stop

Making the most of the last patch of grass - its about six inches under snow now!

Our winter mooring 

The actual (Hawkesbury) junction

Us four winter moorers (the off side are permanent) 

Sutton Stop lock

A swan outside the Greyhound, I wonder If I will get to take a pic of a greyhound outside the Swan?

Luckily we managed to defrost a tap and filled up yesterday

The Greyhound Pub (and the Whippet bar behind) next to Sutton Stop cottages

Brilliant white snow - less than white Bongo

Bridge with Pump house behind

I don't get the same thirst craving passing these tables in the snow as I do in the summer - don't know why

Not the only way to the boat, there is a smaller bridge or the lock gate but where is the challenge in that?

LJ just past the junction

Its equally as steep and slippery on the way down

But a nice view from the top

The old Police station/box/shed

Made it down!

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