Saturday, 5 January 2013

What a mild night...

With the stove ticking over last night the temperature hasn't dropped below 22 deg C in the lounge.... hmmm that looks like brewing temperature to me, where did the brew kit go?

An arm stretched out through the rear door at half six showed not only a mild morning but also bone dry. Looks like I will be able to get a second top coat of paint on the port side today. Ill wait until the sun has shown its face and warmed the steel a bit which will give me time to put a fourth varnish coat on the side hatch doors, refix the varnished skirting boards/pipe boxes get lunch on the go and repot my now setting chilli jam.

Deb is working today so at least the boat will stay still whilst I'm painting. She has also been working on her blog contribution as when she dipped in last year there was a bit of repetition, this year it will be a stats round up of where we have moored, miles covered, locks wound, miles walked/cycled, etc so there will e o disputing when we were last at x or how long since the last oil change.

Roll on end of Feb when we can get back to proper boating!

I wish painting the side was as easy as it looked in the photo.

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