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This week seems to have been all about locks, I think I have spent more time at them or walking to them than I have on the boat!

Monday 13th May
Seabrook near lock 35 - Tring Bridge 136
5.5 miles, 1 swing bridge and 11 locks
This swing bridge was very substantial and it was just a footpath, took some persuading to open and close but eventually got there, James and LJ went through and I was just about to close it again when a boat appeared around the corner, I was on the wrong side and couldn't get across and likewise the crew in the other boat couldn't get to me as the bridge was open so they sailed through quite happily, pleased and thankful to be relieved of their duties.  

Tuesday 14th May
Tring Bridge 136 - Berkhamsted
3.5 miles and 8 locks
This is where we paired up with Inky, who gave me a lift when James couldn't stop for me as the pound was too low.

Wednesday 15th May 
Berkhamsted - Hemel Hempstead Bridge 148
3.25 miles, 1 mechanical bridge and 9 locks
I was not looking forward to the Winkwell swing bridge, I always feel guilty about holding up the traffic. When we arrived and I realised it was only seemed to be a small lane crossing it I didn't feel too bad. The bridge opened, and just as James and LJ were through and I was about to press the button a van turned up, closely followed by a car just as the bridge was slotting back into place, so there was no need for my worry. 

Thursday 16th May
Hemel Hempstead Bridge 148 - Cassiobury Park Bridge 165
6.5 miles and 14 locks

Friday 17th May
We actually stayed put today, we wandered up to the Post Office, in the same parade of shops was a chip shop so we treated ourselves and they were the best ever chips! Getting back to the boat we had a bit of a tidy up outside James gave the roof a mop as a few days before the only mooring spot was under trees. We also set too and repaired the three flat tyres on the bikes.

Saturday 18th May
Cassiobury Park - Bridge 165 - Bridge 168
1.5 miles and 3 locks
Didn't travel far today, we wanted to get a bit closer to Watford as there's a Pizza Express there, we had swapped Tesco clubcard vouchers for Pizza Express ones and they expired on 20th, £30 worth so didn't want to waste them. We went in on the bikes and it was a good run back as it was all down hill.

Sunday 19th May
Cassiobury Park - Rickmansworth
3.75 miles and 5 locks
A lot of people had been asking me on the way down if we were going to the festival, James had a quick look on the internet and we decided we would moor up just before to see what it was all about. Unfortunately we couldn't get moored, either all full or bank not suitable, so we continued on. We went through two locks with loads of people watching, embarrassing or what! Luckily the paddles weren't too bad to open and the gates were ok too. We managed to moor shortly after and went back up to watch the boat tug of war - very entertaining.

Cruising - 24 miles
Locks - 50
Swing Bridges - 2

Cruising - 135 miles
Locks - 88
Tunnels - 3
Bridges - 3

Not a lot of room left, wouldn't like to try and get another widebeam through there

Our mooring at Berkhamsted

A very full lock

A bit of sun at last

A granny annexe or just a very small house??

Loved this lockside cottage

Notice the train - definitely getting close to London now 

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