Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Water tight again...

Water tight again...

It took Gary about ten minutes to hook the pressure test gear up to the header tank filler and confirm the rough direction of our leak. The pressure test kit is fairly basic really, just a gauge and small attached hand pump. Pump it up to ten PSI and look for the leak. Should RCR have one of these in their vans? My view, and I will call them and let them know, is a definite yes. RCR came out four times and Gary found the leak in ten minutes. 

To get to where the little fountain of water was coming from involved one of the batteries coming out, not a big deal. I had always put my money on a split in the skin tank, and low and behold there was a pin prick leak right in the corner. 

The correct course of action is to clear the batteries and electrics out and cut out the damage and weld in a new plate. Gary and Dave's welder is a local farmer who is busy in the fields this week so it would delay our cruising another week or so. Gary suggested a more temporary fix of using rad weld and chemical metal sealant. This added to the fact that we can easily get to the damaged site now we know exactly where it is was the chosen route. 

Within a couple of hours we were watertight and back off in the direction of Gayton  once more. We had a relaxing stop in Gayton  over the bank holiday weekend with no speeding boats what so ever, which was quite a surprise. Deb carried on with a bit of painting and I made another three round fenders. 

Recovering well from my opp we have been taking regular towpath strolls a few times a day heading out as far as the village of Milton Malsor and stopping for a bite to eat at the Greyhound pub, a bit of R&R time for Deb after looking after me for the last couple of weeks. She even managed a humongous Eaton mess cheesecake for pud, great value as well, fish and chips with pud was £6.95

The ample front garden of the Greyhound pub

The ample pudding


  1. Glad to hear that both you and the boat are on the mend and you can continue on your travels. Was The Greyhound a "Chef & Brewer" pub by any chance ?..... I had exactly the same pud at the Berkshire Arms (Midgham) last night.

  2. Well spotted, it was indeed a Chef and Brewer pub - I'll name that pud in one :-)

  3. OK, since no-one else has asked, was it deliberate?

    Paging down from the top reveals the whole pub photo with the caption, "The ample front ..." and just the top half of the photo of Debbie, leaving the caption to the reader's imagination.

    Your clever design or my naughty mind? :-)

  4. Ohh anon! I don't know what you mean :-)

    Jess, our daughter phoned up tonight after reading your comment and said 'that's my mother they're talking about!'- made me smile anyway :-)

  5. Oh dear! Now you've made me feel really bad. :-/

    I hope she wasn't really offended. It was meant as a compliment. :-)

    I was a bit worried when the comment was posted immediately without being moderated.