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Monday 22nd and Tuesday 23rd July
Spent a couple of days at the boat relaxing and also sorting out paperwork.

Wednesday 24th July
Today we headed off on the tube into London again, it was our afternoon tea day and lovely it was too, although I was soooo full up.

Just leaving to get the tube - the jacket didn't stay on for long it was too hot!

This was near to one of the tube platforms - unfortunately I can't remember which one

Underground advertising and memories of home

James enjoying afternoon tea

Thursday 25th July
Br 164 Nr Cassiobury Park - Hemel Hempstead
6 miles and 12 locks
Time to move on today, it started off quite cloudy and muggy but the sun soon broke through, I managed to get some shade at the locks by the overhanging trees which was very welcome.

Our mooring in Hemel Hempstead

The Fishery Inn's garden opposite

Friday 26th July
We headed off to Staples in search of some more ink for the printer, which has been working overtime recently, so glad we manged to find space to bring it with us. We then went into Hemel Hempstead town centre, it really lacks character. There were all the usual high street shops though, according to our Nicholsons guide book it's "a developing, well planned new town with excellent shops, built around a charming old town with attractive streets". Well we certainly saw the new part but didn't come across the old town and its attractive streets. We stopped and had an iced coffee at Starbucks by the little river that runs through the town, shame more isn't made of that feature but at least it hadn't been put in a tunnel underground like some towns have done.

Saturday 27th July
Hemel Hempstead - Berkhamsted
3.5 miles and 10 locks
Didn't travel far today, but it still took a while.  We were on our own in the locks up until the swing bridge and then after that we were joined by a 30ft and 40ft, so then there were three of us. This was very good for water conservation, but not so time efficient as we then had to wait for three boats to get in and out.

Lock sharing

Sunday 28th July
James had decided to make burgers for dinner so I went in search of chips to go with them, unfortunately the couple of chip shops in Berkhamsted were closed on Sunday, and after having walked up and down the High Street I finally went and got them from a Chinese take away. They were certainly worth the hassle and walk and the burgers were lovely too.

Our mooring at Berkhamsted

Cruising - 9.5 miles
Locks - 22 locks
Bridges - 1

Cruising - 226.75
Locks - 140
Tunnels - 3
Bridges - 4

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