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Monday 29th July
It was into Berkhamsted this morning to visit the solicitors, we then picked up a leaflet for the Berkhamsted Heritage Walk and started our tour.

The church with the old Yew Tree

Definitely in Berkhamsted

Tuesday 30th July
After raining nearly all day we ventured out late afternoon to complete the Heritage walk.

For the aerial photo of the castle

Wednesday 31st July
Berkhamsted - Cow Roast
3.25 miles and 8 locks
Just a couple of small showers along the way, but as they weren't heavy it was quite refreshing when doing the locks.

Waiting for me to catch up

No time to stop for lunch

Our mooring at Cow Roast

Thursday 1st August
We went off on a lovely walk through Cow Roast and up onto the King Charles Ride part of the Ridgeway, into Tring and they back to the canal for a couple of miles back to LJ.

View from the Ridgeway

Down at the bottom looking back towards the Ridgeway

Lovely chimney in Tring

Friday 2nd August
Cow Roast - Nr Linslade/Leighton Buzzard
10.75 miles, 18 locks and 1 swing bridge
This was a long day for us and loads of locks. We met a couple just through the swing bridge on Damsel Fly a very unusual wide beam Dutch barge. I went off to help them through leaving James tying up LJ, As I got up to the lock the guy on Damsel Fly said this was their first lock - well we all have to have a first and I'll never forget ours - I was lucky it was the stop lock at Hawkesbury junction. They were soon down and on their way only for us to keep catching them up just as the lock they were in was emptying, I wish I had asked their names but there were too many other things to talk about as we were opening and closing the gates before saying goodbye again. We also had paired up boats following us down who kept catching us up as we were nearly ready to leave.  The cottage at Slapton Lock has a little herb garden by the sign where they invite boaters to help themselves to herbs, so I did - what a lovely thought.  We finally called it a day after Grove Lock (28) and tucked into Chicken Curry which James had been cooking whilst waiting at the locks.

Damsel Fly

The workers

Helping myself to herbs as the sign instructs

Saturday 3rd August
We had a relaxing day recovering from the locks - mostly reading, before heading off into Leighton Buzzard in the afternoon to have a quick look around the town.

Our mooring near Leighton Buzzard

Sunday 4th August
Nr Linslade/Leighton Buzzard - Milton Keynes
12.5 miles, 6 locks and 1 swing bridge
Not many locks today so I had time to be able to make some biscuits and cook the cakes James had prepared before setting off.  We have been playing leap frog with Fair Fa all week, which is also a Sandhills boat (number 3).

Sandhills No. 3

Our mooring at Milton Keynes

Cruising - 26.5
Locks - 32
Bridges - 2

Cruising - 253.25
Locks - 172
Tunnels - 3
Bridges - 6

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