Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Happy New Year...

This year I produced a calendar with pictures taken from our travels, mainly from this year and one or two from 2012.


Frozen Canal At Sutton Stop


Fender Making By The Fire


Leaving Our Winter Mooring For Our 2013 Adventures 


On The Grand Union, First Lock Out Of Stoke Bruerne


Our Anniversary Cruise On The Ashby Last Year


A Cloudy Day Outside Buckingham Palace


Waiting For Pip To Appear, And Deb On Her Borris Bike


A Back Street Off Leicester Square


In Front Of The Fair, Stourport On Severn


Gailey Round House Lock


One Of My Favorites, The RNLI Memorial At The National Arboretum


Back To The Snow At Hawkesbury Pumphouse


  1. Happy New Year to you both. Great idea about the calendar. May steal your idea, we haven't as yet purchased one. Love the black and white photos but how did you add the colour? Hope our paths cross again some time this year. Xxxx

  2. Hi both I hope you're well and had a great Christmas. Special offer bus tesco's for the slim type calendar and I made some desktop ones via vistaprint for a bargain price. Colour splash was a bit tricky, took me best part of a week in Birmingham library to learn then change the pics. Essentially you work with a mask layer having adjusted the levels and oversaturate the background layer. Then it's zooming in to quite close levels and 'rubbing out' the top black and white layer. It's quite easy for blocky pieces of colour like the wine bottle but takes ages picking out all the leaves on the trees. I used an old copy of Photoshop cs 7 that a photographer friend let me have. - have a great new year!

  3. Thanks for the info. I have Paintshop Pro which may allow me to colour in some of the areas separately. I think it's back to reading the manual first though!

  4. Happy new year ! (bit late .... Sorry). Love the photos. The trees may have taken longer to colour splash, but it was worth it...... I'd say that April and September were my favourites. I'd give it a go myself, if only I had the patience and wasn't so phenomenally lazy !

    1. Hi guys, where have you been we haven't seen a blog for ages �� hope you're both well. Yeah I liked April too, printed a bigger version for our daughter jess for christmss. What's your cruising plan this yesr?

    2. Still at our winter mooring on the Macclesfield Canal at the moment. We're planning to head off on the 1st March and will start blogging again then .... Looking forward to being on the move again. We've got vague plans to go to Long Itchington Beer Festival and possibly Cropredy Festival, so will probably head in that direction. What about you ?

  5. Hello from Indonesia
    Love all the photo and the story...
    Wish you all the best...