Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Trip round Brum

Sunday 19th January
3 miles

We needed to top up the diesel and were desperate for a pump out so we chose a lovely, still, clear sunny day to pop out of Cambrian Wharf and head over to Sherborne Wharf. The service there was excellent and a very thorough pump out with a couple of good rinses for £16.

Leaving Cambrian Wharf

On leaving the Oozells Loop, where Sherborne Wharf is situated we could only turn left at the end which gave us a good excuse to cruise up to the next junction to be able to wind (not that we need an excuse!). Heading back to the 'roundabout' we took a right turn to go up past Gas Street towards the Mail Box where we passed Emma and Nick on Marpessa, it was Murk the lovely black lab I noticed first stood on the back looking out.

The long straight New Mainline

The Roundabout

Passing Brindley Place

Gas Street Basin

Gas Street Basin the other way
We stopped off at the water point opposite The Cube to see if it was any quicker than the ones at Cambrian Wharf, but it wasn't! After that we then headed back 'home, although it was lovely and sunny was a very chilly day.

Back at Cambrian Wharf
I have reset our mileage counter for 2014 and we now have 3 miles on the clock.

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