Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Beeston to Cholmondeston

Shortly after mooring up at Beeston we heard the whistle of a steam train, looking out it was actually the steam boat President with butty Kildare.

The following day we were busy collecting a new store of logs, James has noticed a huge bough of an Ash tree which had come down near Wharton's Lock it was too good an opportunity not to stop. James was out with the chain saw and cut off manageable rounds, which were hauled back to LJ and I chopped them into logs, while he was busy being creative. We now have another good supply of logs.

Lots of work to get them all chopped into logs
Finally the sun came out to get a picture of our view
On Saturday (7th June) we set off again our mission at Beeston having been accomplished. It was back up through the Bunbury Staircase where we did the Bunbury Shuffle this time, LJ and an Anglo Welsh hire boat up and one down. We were just out of the locks when the heavens opened and we had a terrific thunder storm, no photos of the lightening as it was too wet to get the camera out. We stopped off for water in the downpour at Calveley, which has the unique feature of being an old wharf and undercover, it wasn't too long before the sun came out again.

Bunbury staircase

Stopping for water, the sun made an appearance to dry up all the rain
At Barbridge Junction we did a left turn to head down the Middlewich Branch, it had turned into a lovely evening after the storms, stopping at Cholmondeston just after Bridge 4 and before Venetian Marina.

6.25 miles and 6 locks

Total 238.5 miles and 150 locks

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