Friday, 20 June 2014

Cholmondeston to Middlewich

After a quick overnight stay we set off Sunday morning (8th June), arriving at Cholmondeston Lock with a queue both ways. I went off windlass in hand to help, there were three on the boat in front of us and they did nothing but moan how slow it all was but made no attempt to assist others. In fact on one boat coming up he approached the lock telling us to raise the paddles completely straight away to speed things up, not something the owner of the boat in the lock was prepared to do and held his ground and not be bullied into it, after all it was his boat in the lock he can operate how he feels safe to do so. Luckily there was no sign of Mr Impatient by the time we got to the next lock.

We continued winding our way towards Middlewich and stopped by bridge 26 to check things out in the town as the Middlewich Festival was on on 13-15 June and not being sure what was happening where.

On Tuesday 10th we made our way through the remaining two locks on the Middlewich Branch and turned left onto the Trent and Mersey canal heading north. A further 3 locks on and through the reserved area for the historic boats, past Town Wharf and where the floating market would be, past the 48 hour moorings and finally down through Big Lock in the rain before mooring shortly after.

Watching the cows cross the bridge for milking

Moored just down from Big Lock

9.5 miles and 8 locks

Total 247 miles and 158 locks

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