Saturday, 12 July 2014

Lymm to Sale

We stayed a few days in Lymm and the mooring was lovely, it's a nice wide canal so when boats go past too quickly (and some did) we didn't get knocked about too much. The towpath was quite busy with walkers, which made a nice change to speeding cyclists, although there were a few of those too, but not enough to complain about. I think the walkers must have been coming and going from Oughtrington, the next village along the canal, as a lot of them mentioned going to the pub as they past us and a couple of hours they were returning. A few young lads, out with their parents for the evening, stopped at our window peering through, I was out on the front deck and a rather embarrassed Dad explained that they were trying to see the football score on our telly and they were hurrying back home to catch the last of the second half.

A few of these huge boats passed

And this one we passed by on our journey

And passing the Linotype Works
Again some of our journey to Sale was in the rain, but it was still quite warm and the sun did make an appearance a few times. We were soon approaching the town of Sale and moored up just along from the King's Ransom pub, but we treated ourselves to a burger at the Slug and Lettuce a short stroll into town as they offer 50% off food as it was a Monday.

8 Miles
Total 300.75 miles and 163 locks

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