Thursday, 10 July 2014

Runcorn to Stockton Heath

The Bridgewater Canal is now owned and operated by the Manchester Ship Canal Company in conjunction with the Bridgewater Canal Trust. To this day it remains the largest British water project to have been financed by one person, The Duke of Bridgewater. The canal was started in 1759 and reached Castlefield in 1765, it is a contour canal and has no locks

The Runcorn Arm is extremely quiet with us seeing only two other moving boats in the three days we were on it. It is very wide and in great condition with the grass and vegetation on the towpaths looked after. We made the journey back along the arm in good time not having seen another boat on the move, we were soon at the junction with the main canal where we turned left heading northwards. No photos today as is was raining. We stopped at Stockton Heath just in time to catch the chippy for a bag of chips for lunch.

Moored at Stockton Heath

9.25 miles
Total 287.25 miles and 163 locks

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