Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Hawne Basin

Today we had a trip down to Hawne Basin to top up with diesel and replace our empty gas bottle. 

This part of the canal is very shallow in places but it turned out to be an incredibly interesting journey as we saw Roy Martin along the way, he recognised the boat and James from some Facebook posts he had put on about our journey up the Stourbridge locks. Roy was telling us some of the history of the BCN and the changes that have happened over the years, I could have listened to him for hours. This part of the canal is now a dead end terminating at Hawne Basin but in the past it continued on and you could get to Selly Oak. The long tunnel connecting the two had collapsed and was never repaired therefore cutting off the through route. He also told us how busy it used to be with all the various wharfs and work boats. 

We left him at the entrance to Gosty Hill Tunnel, we had removed our roof boxes as we knew it was low in places and both them and the solar panels wouldn't have made it through.

Once we arrived we did the sharp right turned under the bridge and just managed to get through without hitting, again very low and very narrow. We made it over to the services wharf where we were assisted to the side. 

We exchanged our gas bottle and with diesel at 53p per litre James squeezed as much as possible into the tank. So we were quite surprised with our bill at just over £1,599,000, James hadn't realised until he put his PIN in but it was quickly cancelled and the correct amount entered. Some how I don't think our bank would have authorised that transaction anyway. We had a good journey back to Windmill End put the boxes and solar panels back in place on the roof and are ready to continue onwards tomorrow.

Hawne Basin is a great place and a great journey with lovely, friendly and helpful people when you get there, definately worth a visit.

I love these foot bridges

Entrance to Gosty Hill Tunnel

This is where the headroom lowers

And slightly lower again

Getting back into high headroom again

And emerging the other end

Bet this used to be a hive of activity

Looking back at the tunnel 

The canal is really wide here

Another lovely footbridge

In Hawne Basin, the entrance is the bridge to the left

These looked very interesting would love to know their history

Sign says it all

Back into the tunnel the other way

Wouldm't want to park too close to the edge

Cobb's Engine House

5 miles

Total 75 miles and 108 locks

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