Thursday, 5 March 2015

Windmill End to Wordsley, near Stourbridge

On Monday we woke to a light dusting of snow, it didn't last long but there was a really chilly wind. We got wrapped up and went off to collect some wood we had spotted when coming out of the tunnel. On returning to the boat we came across a couple of guys clearing up near the nature reserve, they told us were there was some more a bit of the beaten track, apparently they were going to burn it all this week but as its windy they were leaving it for the time being.

As we were all wrapped up we decided to head off, we need some food supplies so plan to call in at the Asda or Sainsbury at Merry Hill.

The wind was a nightmare and we struggled to get the boat away from the bank, we managed to push it as far as we could jump on and then it went straight back in to the edge, needless to say with perseverance we finally managed it and were soon on our way passing through Blowers Green Lock and with a 12' drop the deepest on the BCN.

We passed a couple of goats

This sign was on Primrose Bridge

Coming round into Blowers Green Lock

Stll quite a way to go down

Moored at Merry Hill, it was surprisingly quiet
After mooring up yesterday afternoon it was a quick trip to the shopping centre, only to the Post Office this time to send off the latest pen order.

On Wednesday we headed back to Merry Hill and had a wander round the shops browsing but not much buying. In the evening we headed out to the Waterfront Balti for a nice birthday curry and as usual ate too much.

This morning we were off again with the prospect of a locking day. After the first lock on the Delph flight all the bottom gates were open, unfortunately we were going down so I had to close the gates before I could start filling them, I spotted a CRT man at he next lock doing some work to the steps so asked him if I should leave the bottom gates open, he explained that the wind funnels up the hill and they all swing open after shutting them so it was pointless closing them when we left. Well that made it a little easier, just hope the next boat through the locks is going up.

Looking down Delph Lock flight

Yuk, not much has been through here lately
With the eight locks of Delph done James headed inside to get some lunch whilst I continued to practice my steering, and at some point we change from the Dudley Canal to the Stourbridge. We were soon at a junction where we turned left and straight into lock 1 of the Stourbridge flight. We swapped duties for three of the locks with James doing the hard work for these whilst I managed to successfully get LJ in and out.We stopped after lock 12 and moored up outside the Redhouse Glassworks.

James doing a bit of work

Moored at Redhouse Glassworks, I'll get a picture of the cone tomorrow

7.5 miles and 21 locks
Total 52.5 miles and 65 locks

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