Friday, 10 July 2015

Middlewich to Nantwich

We decided to make an early start as there were still a lot of boats around from the festival and we guessed a few would be off as well. We made good time up the first three locks out of Middlewich, as we were going into the second lock a couple of boats came round the corner behind us. We met one one coming down at the third so lucky we didn't meet that one in the narrow bit by Middlewich Boats, the water levels were really down on this section and the moored hire boats were at very odd angles. 

At the junction, we left the Trent and Mersey Canal, which we seem to have been on for ages, I love the locks on the T&M as they all have the little bridges at the bottom which saves me walking round and round the lock opening and closing gates. We turned right onto the very small section of Wardle Canal which becomes the Middlewich Branch of the Shropshire Union. We had a brief wait at Wardle Lock as one was coming down and straight through the next one. The next section is very rural and there are some lovely views across The Flashes and the River Weaver. On reaching Minshull Locjk we came across a queue we were about sixth so I made some bacon sandwiches whilst we waited, by the time we had finished eating there were only two ahead so I went off to help them through, unfortunately the favour wasn't returned by the queue of four behind us, all still waiting at the boat for their turn, as there was nothing coming down someone would have to come up and get the lock ready.

This photo doesn't do the view justice
The queue behind us
At Cholmondeston Lock the queue ahead had dispersed, so I guess the previous lock had just been very slow filling and took slightly longer to get through. We were soon at Barbridge Junction where it was a left turn onto The Shropshire Mainline and we continued on all the way to Nantwich passing Hurleston Junction and the start of the Llangollen Canal. We arrived around 4pm and were very lucky to get a great mooring spot on the aqueduct.

Moored in Nantwich

I love the town of Nantwich with all its lovely buildings, it is a fair distance from the canal but a lovely walk down Welsh Row with many listed buildings.

Yum, went a bit creative with my cake this time

Just one of the many lovely buildings in the town

14 Miles and 7 locks

TOTAL 267.5 miles and 249 locks


  1. Hi you both!
    You're in one of our favourite towns. We bought Parisien Star at Aqueduct Marina so spent a bit of time shopping in the area before we headed off. We enjoyed mooring there too and watched fireworks one visit. Nice to see you're still happily cruising. We miss the cruising life.
    All thI best,
    Elly and Mick in Oz.

  2. Hi Both looks the life a little green with envy! Karen's still delighted with her pen always using it.