Thursday, 30 July 2015

The Dreaded Buckby Flight

We were only a couple of boat lengths away from the top lock so not far to go before we were straight into it. At the little lock keepers hut there was a volunteer, who quickly disappeared inside when he saw us coming, he then went round the back of the hut for a smoke and when I wasn't looking he made a dash back to the hut and shut the door. Not sure why he was there really, he certainly wasn't helping boats through, James had walked up earlier with Dudley and the volunteer was just sitting watching the boats going through. He wasn't keeping the lock area clean and tidy either, the dog poo bin was well and truly overflowing and he was sitting about two foot away from it, with litter all around too. The bottom gate beam is huge and it took a fair bit of encouragement to close.

Most of the locks still have the side pounds, although they're not in use now

James and Dudley
We met boats coming up in almost every lock so it quite easy going. The paddles were all fairly easy to open as well not how I remember. We got to the dreaded lock 12, this has been the only lock on all of the ones we have done where James has had to moor up and come and help me close it, the guy on the boat leaving warned me that it was a pig to close. As James passed through he shouted up that he would moor and come and help, I was determined not to be beaten and I was so pleased to actually be able to close it myself - how very sad am I, or is that just stubborn!! So in all I actually enjoyed the flight this time, maybe the sun shining helped a bit.

Another side pound, excellent for wildlife, this one had Moorhen chicks in it
Down through bottom lock 13 and we've moored up in the stretch just opposite Whilton Marina. We can hear the distant hum of the traffic on the M1 and the trains aren't too often, but we've arranged to meet the guy from Elite Furnishings here tomorrow.

Opposite Whilton at the bottom of the locks
1.5 miles and 7 locks

TOTAL 373.5 miles and 379 locks

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