Thursday, 6 April 2017

Braunston to Whilton

Sunday 26th March

Not such an early start this morning, we were off at 9am and passed The Milly M moored further up the canal, we started to make our way up the Braunston locks when Maffi and Molly arrived to help us. 

At Brauston top lock - thank you for your help Maffi
We said our goodbyes at the top and no doubt he will pass us in a month or so as he heads south. Next came Braunston tunnel and we were soon at Norton junction where we carried on and down the Buckby flight. I still can't believe there's only seven locks in this flight, they are so tough going and again we were following a boat down so they were all against us.

We made it to the bottom and moored up opposite Whilton Marina where it all started for us five years ago.

A fat boat stopped in front for a quick break

6 miles and 13 locks

TOTAL 51.5 miles and 78 locks

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