Monday, 3 April 2017

Hatton to Leamington Spa

Thursday 23rd March

We started down the Hatton flight bright and early this morning, we left just before 7am, all the locks were against us so I was having to fill them first - 23 turns of the paddle up and 23 down, then the same at the other end to empty them. We only passed two boats coming up and both of those I helped so all 21 Hatton locks I filled and emptied, no wonder I was feeling weary by the time we reached the bottom, only the two Cape Locks and that was the locking done for the day.

This is Hatton bottom lock with both paddles down!
We continued on to the very handy Lidl right beside the canal at Leamington Spa and did a massive shop to stock up the very empty cupboards.

5 miles and 23 locks

TOTAL 28.5 miles and 42 locks


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  2. Hi Debbie and James wow a mammoth day. Well done, proper stamina that. Then pub!? You'll have deserved it.