Saturday, 27 October 2012

Bongo failed its MOT...

Although failing an MOT is never a good thing it was on a couple of things that were expected. None of those horrible things that you never see like bushes and bearings, or stupid things like immission tests. It failed on tyres and wiper blades (both well past their serviceable lives). What's more we now have a good central  contact in a mechanic that has owned bongos and he travels to do jobs as well. He charges a fair price  too. He only charged £14 labour for the driving around he did to get the MOT, sorting the wiper blades, fitting the tyres and investigating an oil leak that we have had for a while. The tyres did cost a few bob though as we have after market alloys that are quite big. That added to the fact that the bongo is a 2.5V6 with mid engine and rear wheel drive (not your average van) and weighing two tons the right spec tyres are few and far between. 

All sorted now though and ready to continue on our journey. 

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