Friday, 12 October 2012

Fallen superhero joins the team...

In the latest call-out the D.E.B. (earlier episode here) found herself in the unusual situation of not rescuing a fellow boater in distress but a fallen superhero of yore. 

The superhero in question has been out of favour with the populous of his birth country for some considerable time. In a recent, exclusive interview he sited the cause as being ageism saying "I couldn't believe it boyo, I'm only in my mid 30's, I'm in my prime". Other sources believe there could also have been  power struggle and a possible coup led by 'Spotty' the factory worker who rescued him from a reject's bin   and soon became no more than the jealous sidekick. 

His story began back in the late '70's when as a young ordinary Ted he was charged with conquering his owner's fear of the dark. With the whisper of one secret word, provided by mother nature deep in the Welsh mountains, he became SUPERTED....

SuperTed, in his native Welsh pronunciation - s  iwp  hur Ted - had been flying a low level mission over the Malvern hills when he finally ran out of puff and crash landed in the flood water of the Worcester and Birmingham canal. He was swept for days in the torrent of the flowing water which at times reached nearly 1mph! With the sides of the canal too steep to exit ST managed to summon enough energy to crawl up the edge of the canal water run off. Succumbing to the elements ST found that with lapses of memory loss he had completely forgotten the magic word to kick start his powers. 

We are pleased to report that the prognosis is good and ST is expected to make a full recovery aboard LJ. Sadly his strength hadn't recovered in time for the Tardibigge lock flight so the going was slightly slower than expected with the two man team managing a respectful 3h 35mins through the flight. 

'I couldn't go on. I thought I was done for'

'Then from nowhere I was plucked to safety thanks to the D.E.B'


  1. Clearly you are bonkers - Dave is gutted that your blog is funnier than his. Great meeting you today and doing Hatton. Hopefully see you around and about. Allison and Dave NB Free Spirit.

    1. Hi Guys

      Yup, whilst it has taken a while for me to admit I used to be an estate agent, I've always been happy to admit I'm a better :-)

      Nice to have met you, good luck with the plans and see you again some time!


    2. Oops that was supposed to be a nutter, not a better (BL***Y SPELL CHECKER!)