Monday, 8 October 2012

 Day out in Worcester...

Thursday's weather was as forecast a nice cool, clear autumn morning clouding over by lunchtime. First couple of jobs for the day involved turning LJ back to canal mode, stowing away the anchor and chain and other safety gear and a quick tidy up before heading back to Worcester centre.

We headed firstly back to the cathedral for a proper look around. Of all the churches, castles and chateaux that we have visited this was the first time on a cool morning that I had to take my jumper off once inside. It was very comfortably warm and I wasn't that surprised that they quoted running costs equating to £5 per visitor. It was still a magnificent place though and gave a real insight into this historic and prosperous city.

Once we had picked up the few bits and bobs from our shopping list we popped back to LJ for a spot of late lunch and a cuppa before heading towards the local national trust property Greyfriars.

Another of the properties rescued by Elsie

Set on Friar street running parallel to the high street the property had been rescued by the Elsie and Malcolm Matley Moore from development and lived in as a family home. As other buildings had been earmarked for development later (one little terrace of shops due to be a '50s carpark) she bought them as well. "Shame on you generation x, knocking down all our heritage". There are a number of very pretty buildings in the city centre I think my favourite was the Hop Market which had a large open archway through to parades of beautifully courtyard fronted shops. Less notable were some of the older grand buildings that seem to now house chain pubs and caf├ęs across the country.

Archway to shops and cafes in the old market place - no the sun hasn't come out , it's another pic of t'internet

1902 - before being redeveloped to today's arcades 

An old tower that is now a Slug and Lettuce. And an old bank that surprisingly is now a bank.
The river was still flowing nicely today and a diddy boat that was moored with us in Stourport zoomed by on tick-over. You can see the height of the water level above the prom on the stones to the side. There are also several plaques with dates of the notable floods which kinda makes you wonder why the prom had low level bollard lighting. Never mind, once the prom had been jet washed the electricians moved in to dig all the mud out of the lights ;)

Hardly any water from the prop but he was flying

Water level last week on the wall to the right

2007 was about 3/4 way up the wall

Lights in the distance being tested

Only a couple of hours boating and half a dozen or so locks planned for tomorrow (Friday) so departure would be weather dependent  Forecast is for an OK morning and rain by mid afternoon. We will be mooring up and Sis and partner arriving some time Friday evening for Saturdays trip up to Hanbury wharf and staying here ready for Pip and John's visit on Sunday.

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