Sunday, 23 December 2012

Break from DIY...

It has been tricky over the last few weeks, I could have got so much more done if I still had access to my garage. Deb has been leaving for work some days before six so at least it has been one less body to limbo past the drying skirting boards, new outside table, boat plank and pole etc etc. I think I pushed my luck a bit too far the day I started taking the bathroom apart though!

My efforts the last few days have been trying to get as many coats of primer and undercoat on the boat sides that the weather would allow. The goal was to get two topcoats on before Christmas but alas rain stopped play so it will have to wait until after the festivities.

No I have't gone mad and decided to repaint in sky blue, that's just a drop of topcoat colour in with the undercoat.

We also had a visit from Mark on Calliisto the coal boat yesterday who had a fair price for diesel and a really good price for coal (exell and supertherm) so we are sorted for the next month or so.

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