Sunday, 16 December 2012

Feeling Christmasy yet...

Christmas shopping time! (well last week actually) I fancied a day away from the routine so surprised Deb with a day at the German market in Birmingham. As it isn't too far to go we left at a reasonable time and headed by car to Coventry to get the virgin train to New street station in Birmingham. I had worked out that this would just   about be the cheapest option. Couple of miles to the station, £2 to park all day and £3.40 each return train fare (not bad eh)

Of course with only a couple of Saturday's to go to the main event it was heaving. In the early evening there were big queues just to get outside to the market stalls! A leisurely stop at Jimmy Spices and a warming mug of gluhwein saw us through our day trip to the biggest German market outside Germany/Austria

View from Hawkesbury bridge ad we set off

How very undignified 

Decorations in the bullring

View from Jimmy Spices over gas street basin

Outside ICC

sadly we didn't win a 5ft fluorescent stuffed banana 

The queue to get outside into the German market

The same square where we watched the Mandela 

We had to go through it all to get to the gluhwein

Punters were ten deep for whatever these were 

Plenty of Christmas decorations if you've got the space. 


  1. The choc mallow things are called schokokuss!

  2. Sounds like who ever invented them had had one too many gluhwein!

    All the Christmassy best