Monday, 17 December 2012

Coventry market sells cheap chillies too...

We haven't spent much time on Coventry so far, a few bits bought in Ikea, new CO alarm from Argos and a quick bit of fruit and veg from Coventry market. Whilst in the market though I decided to buy some more chillies as the chilli jam I made with the ones bought in Birmingham is just about gone. I wanted to make another batch that was a little more piquant than the last time.

I reckon that, if it sets ok, this lot should see me through to summer for BBQ's and cheese sarnie :-) 

Not bad for £1

All the secret ingredient in the pot

Stir anticlockwise if you're in the northern hemisphere - very important

Boil the beJesus out of it for a bit before adding the last ingredient

Pot it up
It made 7x 75gm jars; 1x 275gm; 1x 340gm and a ramekin full to keep me going for the next few days :-) 

Watch out next year for home smoked chilli and ginger jam!


  1. Any chance of recipe? Sounds delicious.

    1. Hi Mr and Mrs J
      I'd love to share my recipe (well rough quantities) with you, I'll do a post over xmas



  2. Merry Solstice and Happy Christmas to you both! May the New Year bring you joy, good health, and lots of laughter. I thought we passed your boat when we went through Hawksbury last week but I was inside putting on laundry and by the time I got out to say something to Les it was too late to stop.
    Jaq and Les
    NB Valerie

    1. Hi Jaq and Les

      Thanks for the kind xmas words, we will have to meet up for a brew in 2013 ;)

      Have a good one

      James and Deb