Monday, 8 April 2013


Captain's Log - Week 5

I can't believe how quickly time flies by, it's now been five weeks since we left our winter mooring spot at Hawkesbury, we haven't got all that far but soon we'll be on our way to London. We have stayed a bit longer in Braunston than planned but have got a lot done, we managed to get a good mooring along Puddlebanks, one of only two really as for some reason the rest of the section up to the bridge has very shallow water towards the edge and you can't get moored properly. With the good weather of the last couple of days on our side we have managed to get the other side of the boat sanded and painted, only up to the gunnels, the part that gets all scratched and bumped (got a nasty scratch to add to the collection the other day from a hire boat, glad we hadn't just painted it!!) James managed to get one side done whilst in Hawkesbury and now we have matching sides.

Whilst the paint was drying between coats we managed to stock up on some wood, nice oak so we are pleased with that. It was hard work but certainly worth the effort, we'll be able to stretch our coal out for a bit longer now. We've had a few walks up to the village whilst here the main one to collect our post via the Post Restante service that Royal Mail runs, to collect our new licence for LJ, I felt quite guilty as we didn't get to Brauston for the post until the 3rd and our licence ran out at the end of March. Annoyingly though on our walk there I noticed three other boats with expired licences and all from last year - not the couple of days ours was, and all moored close to the CaRT office at the Stop House in Braunston!!

I only have one entry in the log for this week, and that was the couple of miles back to Brauston for Freaky Friday.

Wednesday 3rd April - Br 100 near Flecknoe - Puddlebanks, Braunston 2 miles and 0 locks.

Cruising - 2 miles
Locks - 0

Cruising - 46 miles
Locks - 4

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  1. Thanks for the comment on our blog.
    Hi Debbie and James, loved Camden market, cannot believe I had not been before, it makes a difference coming in by boat, and having more relaxed time to look around,in the past it has been a long hotel manic break, cramming all in. Enjoy your continued gap year, May will be a lovely time to be here. Jacquie