Friday, 5 April 2013

Sadly our gap year has come to an end...

Sadly our gap year has come to an end...

That's right, 365 days ago we were on our way up from Poole with a bongo groaning under the weight of the last of our possessions, it was so full that the last minute washed clothes couldn't fit in a carrier bag and had to get taken out and wedged in separately.  

Unfortunately there are so many fellow blog readers and writers that we haven't met yet that we feel it would be plain rude to go back to reality now and if Disney Land Paris can extend their 25th anniversary into another year I don't see why our gap year can't be over 12 months. 


We survived our 'Freaky Friday' 20% off day and have loads of bits and pieces to keep us busy. First job for the new fridge installation will be to run the extra think cables from the back of the boat to the about the middle. It will have to go through the office storage cupboards; under the bed and behind the loo tank; under the void below both wardrobes; behind the loo panelling; somehow behind the basin; into the kitchen and under the cooker before the finishing straight through the kitchen cupboards. So I thought that whilst Deb was doing a little bit of cupboard sorting, I might do a few outside jobs on what, hopefully will be the warmest day of 2013 so far :-) 

A slightly cheaper but very successful purchase was a small TV aerial. There's nothing wrong with our all singing all dancing self seeking satellite system but two features of our 12v TV that I had sort of forgotten about were a built in DVD player and recordability. So I've been hitting eBay to get a few cheap films. So far ordered 22 films season one of Catherine Tate and the misfits all for about £12 :-) 
Secondly the 'record to USB facility' doesn't work with satellite, but only with the TV's tuners. All works well with the aerial stuck on a wooden pole. 

We had a lovely visit from fellow boaters Les and Mea today who have just arrived at their boat from their island paradise of Koh Samui and 35 °c sunshine to muddy towpaths and freezing nights. Lovely to see you guys and look forward to the next time. 

Deb, Mea and Les


  1. Sounds like our gap year! Clocked up 2 years now and another 6 months planned.

  2. Yeah but what are you going to do after that? L'annee sabatique put etre? (No apologies for French spelling mistakes :-)

  3. Excellent news - hopefully see you soonish as we're heading back up the Grand Union to Braunston at the mo.

  4. Look forward to meeting you guys again soon :-)