Thursday, 4 April 2013

20% Off day at Midland chandlers tomorrow...

20% Off day at Midland chandlers tomorrow...

And online for 24 hours too. If you are buying though double check their prices first, I recon we will be saving closer to 15% as some of their prices are a little toppy!

We are back on our favorite Braunston mooring today. I think it is the only part that is ok for more than 48 hours at this time of year; solid towpaths; satellite and data signal (just about) and sun for the solar panels!

We have had our fair share of idiot boaters though (very few of them are hirers as well). One guy had such a big bow wave it was threatening to go over onto the path. Another insisted on overtaking another boat about 200 yards before Braunston junction! I am considering a new tab on the blog to name and shame these idiots, and maybe post them to one of the canal Facebook groups and CaRT. 

Rant over. We had a lovely few days in the middle of nowhere just below Flecknoe, of course a few extra degrees on the thermometer would have been nice. We were lucky enough to bump into fellow Sandhills boat owners Bob and June, onboard (link) Autumn Myst who have braved the weather, locked up their warm home and headed out onto the ice. Bob (Tucker) runs the Sandhills boat owners group, LJ was number one and the latest boat from their list is on test in this months CANAL BOAT mag. (Link to authors site)

Lovely sunsets in Flecknoe

I will need to be a little more observational over the next few days. From our stay here last year I have noticed that star gazing man has some new optical equipment, jogging woman was only walking and had only one collie with her and no sign off walkie man  yet. 

Deb has now got oven management sussed. As we have been cooking just about everything on top of the stove we have rarely had the generator, and therefore oven on. Today she fancied doing a bit of baking and loaded up the oven so we now have Easter biscuits, sponge cake, a quiche and I made a fruit cake and some soup so I think we're sorted for a while :-) 

I really like how my sambar (fire broth) soup has turned out the last couple of times but fancied something a bit more substantial to go with it so yesterday I made some mini apple potato and chilly parathas, some tandoori chicken and a big pile of far-far stars  and dips (think prawn crackers but brightly coloured and a bit chewy obs you won't be far wrong).

Bit of a spicy medley. 

The next blog may well make even less sense than normal, it'll take me a few days to get over spending so much money at the chandlers sale. The list price of our intended 12v fridge is £559. For that price I would expect it to do the shopping for you, advise what to cook and do the washing up!