Sunday, 31 March 2013


Captain's Log - Week 4

Another week's flown by, but as we are sitting waiting near Braunston for 'Freaky Friday' not much in the log this week.

Monday 25th - Traveled back from Pam and Pete in West Wales. As all over the weekend we'd heard reports of bad snow we decided to head off early to make sure we got the hire car back on time. After having my all time favourite cooked breakfast, thanks Pam, we set off just before 8am stopping after a couple of hours at the services for a quick coffee and pee break. It wasn't until we were about at Worcester before we even saw snow, so I think luckily we missed the worst. We arrived back at Enterprise car hire with about half an hour spare so good timing there. After a lift back from one of the guys we were back aboard LJ and everything was ok, James had done a mini drain down in case. I just had to move the couple of inches of snow from the back door so I could get it open. We soon had the fire going and warmed up.

Tuesday 26th - I had my first boat deliver from Tesco and could highly recommend doing it. I often had home deliveries when we were down in Poole and thought it was brilliant, hadn't thought it was possible on a boat, but thanks to Sue on No Problem and her blog I gave it a try. As we were a hundred yards or so down the towpath from the pub car park where I had requested delivery I wandered up and waited for the van. It turned up in the early part of the time slot and the driver couldn't have been more helpful, I had texted James to come and meet me and give me a hand carrying it back to LJ but there was no need. Mr Tesco picked up my three crates and said (well no insisted) carrying them back to the boat, "but we're about a hundred yards down the muddy footpath" I said, but no off we went meeting James on his way to help, he offered to take a crate but Mr Tesco was having none of that and took them all himself. Excellent service. All I had to do was then get everything put away.

Wednesday 27th - We decided to move a little closer to Brauston today, it was bitterly cold and even a hot cup of tea on the go did little to warm us up.
Napton - Bridge 100 near Flecknoe  4.5 miles 0 locks

Thursday 28th and Friday 29th - nothing to report

Saturday 30th - After breakfast and getting lunch cooking on the stove we took a walk in Flecknoe, we took the long way there about three miles, stopped for a pint and packet of crisps in the lovely friendly local and wandered the short way back to LJ, so probably about four or five miles in total.

Sunday 31st - Happy Easter 

Cruising 4.5 miles
0 locks
240 road miles

Cruising 44 miles
4 locks
475 road miles in 2 weeks

Our mooring near Flecknoe


  1. Hi Deb, glad to see your on your way, you'll soon be on our tail. Re Tesco, if you add to your order in delivery instructions,( rather than wait around for the 1 or 2 hour slot,) get them to ring you 10 mins before their anticipated arrival, that always works well for us, then you only need to trot up to meeting place without hanging around, esp in bad weather. Jacquie

  2. Hi Jaq, sorry for the delay in replying. Thanks for the tip but I did put my phone no and in the special instructions and details of where we were, didn't get a call from our delivery guy though, he said he would have come and found us. Now that's what you call service, I think he was a little disappointed I was waiting, but as it was my first boat delivery I wasn't sure.