Thursday, 21 March 2013

My non-routine routine...

My non-routine routine...

A year or so ago I had trouble sleeping. We would start our usual nighttime routine after the 10 o'clock news had finished and usually be tucked up by elevenish, me listening to a downloaded podcast on my iPhone.  I used to be exhausted so sleep came quickly. The problem was holding on to it. By about 2.00 I had usually been woken by a stab of adrenaline right through the guts. What had I forgotten yesterday? what was I going to have to face later today? I am not going to get through the day, let alone next six days unless I get back to sleep. 

I would stare at the Phillips docking station clock for a couple of hours, just watching the numbers count up. I would drift in and out for the last hour or so before giving up and starting the morning routine at six. Shower, shave and... the other one, double espresso and a breakfast bar before convincing myself that if I put the extra hour in this morning in the office it will pay dividends. It rarely did. 

I still seem to have a bit of a nighttime routine. We never watch TV late so it starts with me announcing 'I'm tired, I'm gonna bed'. This can be any time between 9.30 and 1.00 but often over winter it has been dictated by the temperature of the stove. Now more often than not it is radio (4Extra) rather than podcasts that I choose to listen to but I am usually asleep before the 30 minute sleep timer is up. And that's me done until morning. I am still rubbish at laying in though. If its cold, wet and windy I can usually make it to eight at a push but I much prefer waking up, and getting up as one continuous fluid movement. 

This morning I was awake early, my brain still tries to tell me I had a crap nights sleep, ok I've got a bit of a stiff neck and arm from messing around with the batteries yesterday, but big deal. I make the fire up (then turn it low) kettle on top, and managed to drag Deb up by 7.00. A few minutes later we were off out in the blustery, just above freezing, watery morning sunshine for a walk up, over and round Napton's hill. A rather pleasant village with great views over Warwickshire and Northamptonshire, through farmland, past the windmill and through sleepy old stone terraces (and some rather big houses as well) full of people starting their morning routines. We were back on board, refreshed, three miles and an hour and a bit later ready for breakie and ablutions. I like my non-routine routine.

Nap ton Windmill

A pretty little terrace of cottages 

A little tug style hire boat in the early morning sunshine


  1. It's a great life with no schedules to keep up with. We always sleep well and long, must be all the good fresh air.

  2. Plenty of fresh air tonight, its blowing a gale here in Napton - safe

  3. Napton is a lovely area--even in cold, overcast weather there is a certain atmosphere of beauty there. Great post and writing James. Stay warm and dry and give my best to Debbie,

  4. Hi Jaw - hope you're both well, we are keeping warm cheers just waiting for our first tesco's 'bridge' delivery :-)