Monday, 11 March 2013

Well thank gawd for thermals...

Well thank gawd for thermals...

We meant to stop in Rugby yesterday but the visitor moorings near the car park were full so I carried on a bit further. The journey was a bit uninspiring I really needed at least a glimmer of sunshine to warm the soul but I was denied any. Luckily the driving sleet was coming from the side so at least I could look forward. The rhythm of the engine and the tapping of the sleet on my hood was oddly therapeutic. 

I decided to pull over in the middle of nowhere on a good mooring point next to a golf course and opposite gently sloping fields. We had a satellite signal to watch the Rugby so I was happy. 

The mooring would have done for a few days but I was a bit worried about getting iced in and we had to be close to roads and parking for the safety examiner on Tuesday. So up and off first thing today to see what the moorings below Hillmorton were like. 

Chilly ropes

Snow again

Pretty when the sun is out

Waiting in the snow for a boat to wind below the locks

Balaclava and wooly hat

Hiding from the wind

Slippery lock approach 

The weather looked better today because there were a few sunny spells but by golly that wind was cold. I dug out my last line of defence, my old motorcycle thermal balaclava. There was no ice on the canal I think because the wind was so fierce but the temperature was -2°C with a wind chill closer to -10°C. The ropes took a bit of untying and I thought that I would have to get a kettle of water to defrost the knots. So layered up with balaclava and wooly hat we set off to Hillmorton. Not a long trip but our first flight of locks and with pelting snow and forty mile an hour winds to contend with. 

We moored in a familiar spot where we knew there was parking for the examiner just as the wind picked up to a door rattling crescendo. Right time for lunch. 


  1. I think it has been one of the coldest days cruising we've had all winter. Still we enjoyed the patches of sun between the snow showers. Which way are you heading at Braunston?

    1. Hi Karen
      We are probably heading down the GU towards London (slowly but surely). We are hoping to be in Braunston for Midland Chandlers 'freaky friday'20% discount day (yet to be announced). Where are you guys headed?

  2. Same, down to London, then Thames to Kennet and Avon. With perhaps a few excursions off course. Wendover Arm, Aylsbury Arm and whatever else we may fancy.