Saturday, 9 March 2013

Yeah we've pumped out at last...

Yeah we've pumped out at last...

Good job too coz we are moored in the middle of nowhere today. We knocked the pins in about five minutes into the Wales Scotland game, we would have been on time but I had to pull over in Ansty  for a stubborn gall stone to finish its journey and I had to wind and reverse onto the service wharf at Rose boats in pretty much no space, and then do the same thing to leave. 

A sharp left then reverse up to the bridge, glad it wasn't windy 

Interesting chat with the gaffer of Rose boats who did some work on LJ in the past who doesn't really rate our shaft driven geni. I don't either but when it broke down last May I didn't really know enough about the boat or the alternatives. I did consider changing to diesel cooking then but it looked quite a lot of agro. I think it is quite a weak link in the system and if it fails again will look at getting gas put in and get the engine changed to conventional variable throttle. In think the costs would have been about the same. 

We passed the car grave yard again, not a scrappy just someone with too many cars and not enough space. I recognised one coz I found a similar one for dad. It is a black Volvo P1800s but this one is the rarer Jenson one with the upswept chrome bumper. He has also got a couple of old VW campers that are probably worth a couple of bob too.

The Saints car in a garden

The lump of brisket on the bone that I bought in Coventry market made a wonderful beef stew. I had it slow cooking on top of the stove from about 8.00 so it didn't take much finishing off once we had stopped. It was good value at £2 as well.  Whilst on the topic of food (never too far from it!) Jess sent me a picture of the cake we made deb  for her birthday with me grinning like an eeejut in the background, not too often I'm that side of the camera :-) 

We were happy with our efforts

It looks like the weather may take a turn for the worse over the next few days so we will plod on to Rugby moorings in the morning just in case we get iced in too far from our BSS test on Tuesday. 

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