Wednesday, 20 March 2013

30-3 Really?...

30-3 Really?...

After leaving Barby we had a quiet but grey trip back into Braunston. You never quite know how busy the moorings are going to be in Braunston so we moored up as soon as we could and took a stroll nearly up to the locks. There wasn't too much space between the two bridges junction and the marina so we decided to stay put. 

The main reason we are hanging around here is to wait for Midland Chandlers 'Freaky Friday' 20% off day. 12v fridges aren't cheap and not getting the discount would have been a deal breaker. I hadn't seen it advertised anywhere so walked back over the road to ask (again) when it may be and to get a shopping list together. One of the lads there said it had been advertised but nowhere we were likely to see it!  Anyway it is all day on Friday 5th April, so if you need anything that's your day. Do check first and compare Internet prices because some of their prices are way out. 

The only other things on the list here were to get some more rope and sit in and watch the last day of the rugby six nations to see England win the title with a grand slam or at least get the title, we only needed to loose by less than 8 points and job's a goodun. Saturday was set to rain but I hadn't figured on the effect of said rain on our satellite dish. We rarely watch TV and it has only been turned on for the rugby over the last few weeks. Braunston is a bit of a communication black spot though and by the time the England-Wales match had started the digital signal was a psychedelic blocky mash of colour so I watched most on my mini tab using the midi. It was lucky we had any kind of TV signal as we had difficulty getting through cloud and trees. In the end England were embarrassing, I know that Wales held the title and we had a young team but there is no excuse for a 30-3 defeat. I'm only glad I hadn't paid to see them. 

We had promised ourselves a quick bite out for a few weeks so took the opportunity to head sliding through the mud up to the Boat house - a Marstons two for one pub. Although fairly cheap chain pub fodder we have always found it pretty good in there. Good beer, friendly service and reasonable prices at least if your party is an even number and you all get the two for one. The walk back was horrible and we ended up back at the boat with soggy feet and jeans as the mud had changed to deep puddles. 

Snow again

Waking up the next day to snow, we decided to try our luck with the hard standing 48h moorings outside the marina. We were going to bus it into Daventry the next day to try and get a good doc to write my monthly prescription. Having moved to the better moorings we now didn't have a phone signal to call the docs so we went in on the off chance. A well organised receptionist took all the details and booked an afternoon phone appointment with said doc. My phone rang at just gone two and my prescription was waiting behind reception minutes later. Definitely the best surgery so far. 

Much dryer mooring

Deb fancied a sit down 

Having spent far too much money at my favourite rope and fender emporium we headed off down the Oxford canal to Napton on the hill to wait for 'Freaky Friday'. Having arrived with the intention of giving the batteries their first desulfation cycle (4 hours charge at 15.5v) we decided to use a bit of the power and sat down with Debs leftover soup and a toasted cheese and chorizo sarnie, all cooked on top of the wood burner  and watched 'Breakfast at Tiffany's' for the first time The film was good but blimey the adverts are weird these days. Slice up a cricket ball with wooden stumps, add an oxo and - magic a stir fry... what's that all about!

Rural moorings with large gardens

Lick of paint and it'll be fine

Nearly time for babies :-) 

The desulfation cycle went fine, although probably too late to start the regime with this set of dying bats, and  today we took the batteries out and cleaned out the battery box and checked the cells with a hydrometer to see if they were poorly or dead. Prognosis is that they should last the summer. 

New mooring

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