Sunday, 17 March 2013

Captain's Log - Week 2


Here's my round up of our weeks cruising, walking and cycling (although no cycling this week).

Monday 11th  Bridge 68 near Rugby - Hillmorton 1.5 miles and 3 locks.

Tuesday 12th  Walked 3 miles return to get stocked up at the local Aldi in Hillmorton. We had the surveyor visit in the afternoon to carry out the Boat Safety, which, as James has mentioned LJ passed - phew! 

Wednesday 13th Hillmorton - Barby 2.6 miles and 0 locks.

Thursday 14th We have always said we must walk up Barby Hill and today was the day.  Although very cold out the canal was still iced up at lunchtime we made it being a 4 mile round walk.

Friday 15th Barby - Braunston 3.5 miles and 0 locks.

Saturday 16th We stayed put and James watched all three games of the Six Nations rugby, well he couldn't miss the final matches.  This is the first year EVER that he has managed to watch the whole tournament, in previous years work inconveniently got in the way and he always missed some.  We ventured out in the evening to the local Marston's pub in the rain and the towpath where we were moored was extremely muddy, at one point the puddles were so deep I thought it would go over the top of my boots. Although we plan to stay in Brauston for a few days we must get moored on a better section of towpath.

Sunday 17th Braunston - a bit further in Braunston  0.75 miles and 0 locks. Yes we moved, waited for the snow to stop before venturing out. I only realised how much snow we had when we passed a hire boat at the water point and they had made a snowman on their roof, only a little one, but still enough snow to make one! We are now moored on a better section of towpath so hopefully it will help keep the mud out of the boat.

Cruising 8.35 miles
Locks 3
Walks 7 miles

Cruising 33.55 miles
Locks 4
Walks 7 miles

Setting off for Barby Hill
Just starting to go up now - what a clear day, we could see for miles

Not far back to LJ 

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