Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Yippee, Boat Safety passed!...

Yippee, Boat Safety passed!...

We are all OK for another four years. I had the surveyor who did our original survey come back for the examination. I figured that he had a lot of info to hand anyway and it would make it a easier for both of us. He went through the engine bay with a fine toothed comb as there were lots of 'advises' there on the original survey. I had spent a few days last month doing everything I could think of to tidy the wiring including shortening some cables and shrouding lots in protective spirals bought from Maplin. All other areas were fine with no more advises to add to my maintenance list. We had a brief chat about routing for gas if the prop gen ever failed again and he was off, exchanging his certificate for my was of notes (discounted for cash)

Before Michael arrived we had a bit of a boat tidy session. The couple of sacks of smoky coal briquettes we had bought have been quite messy so all shelves, wall coverings and even ceiling have had a wipe down. Its so much easier if its done regularly and only took a couple of hours with both of us working at it. In fact we have just got the cupboards and drawers to wipe out tomorrow and the whole boat would have had its monthly (spring) clean. 

With no van to collect we had to stroll the three miles or so into Hillmorton to get the shopping. We would have usually combined picking up the van and shopping to save a few bob on petrol. Deb is going to reactivate her tesco internet delivery so we can get the main shop delivered. Sue off of retirement no problem has a guide on her blog to help set it all up so we will see how it goes, no option really there are very few supermarkets or even big shops along our path for a while. 

Still no letter from the Bank of Ireland so we may have escaped for a while. 

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  1. Thanks for the link re Tesco deliveries. I think we may have to give it a go given the lack of real food in the village stores at Bugbrooke.