Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Well Spring didn't last for long...

Well Spring didn't last for long...

I'm glad we enjoyed yesterday out in the sun. We let the fire die down late afternoon and by morning today it was blooming cold, grey and damp, what a difference! 

Deb had her birthday hair doo appointment at 9.30 and as we had all of a hundred yards to get there we were able to get the coffee percolator on the hob to go with our toasted cinnamon bagels for breakfast.  

We popped back after an hour to see how they were getting on

All sorted for another year :-) 

Deb had a proper pampering from Brett and he even gave us as boaters discount, service was great, the salon comfortable and tidy and the location picturesque. 

Jess had a train (actually several) to get back to Winchester so we headed into town to recce the market and have a bite to eat for lunch. She could have got a train directly home but buying tickets via Rugby and London worked out £30 cheaper, daft isn't it. So when you read about tourism statistics for London, ignore them because most of the travellers are there for the cheaper train rates. 

Jess thinks she can get on an early carriage and avoid the parental embarrassment

No, no, no... You can run but you cannot hide :-) 

Back to the market on the way to the basin and I've bought some fresh cod roe and a lump of brisket on the bone for a stew (not all at once of course) oh and another bag of mixed chilies to make some more spicy jam :-) 

Yesterday I mentioned that the boat following us was rather close so today's conundrum (boaters feel free to post me your thoughts) is what should I do when I'm in front of boaters in a hurry? 

There is a good reason to me wanting to plod along. Our beta engine has what's known as a trolling valve. Essentially we have a choice of two engine speeds and the morse control just makes the prop go around faster. At about 950 rpm (the lower of the two) the maximum canal speed is just over 3mph, I usually average about 2.75 ish. Raising the speed to 1500 rpm kicks the engine generator in and gives a bit more drive power (and noise) giving me the canal legal speed of 4mph or more on a river. As I am in no hurry, 2-3 mph suits me (and the nesting birds). So if you're behind me what do you want me to do - 

     1.Carry on at my pace
     2. Match your pace
     3. Call you through
   4. Grab my boat pole, jab it in your front fender and bury your bow in the bank

I'm going to post this on the 'just canals' Facebook page as well and will write the consensus in my next blog.

Next conundrum, towpath cyclists.  


  1. We, being retired, are never in a hurry to get anywhere so we always let those who are racing through life go ahead of us. It is just easier than putting up with some inconsiderate yob riding one's a** for no other probable reason than attempting to do a link in five days or reach the next pub in time for happy hour. Deb you hair looks fantastic! Take care you two,
    Jaqueline and Les

  2. Hi guys,
    Hope you are both well. Yes we will be following suite and letting boaters through. I do sympathize a bit with boaters on a time scale. We met some hirers last year hoping for a chill out and the hire company had sent them on a route that would have meant eight hour days at 3.5 lock mph