Sunday, 10 March 2013

Captain's Log Week 1


Well it's not really the Captain's log, as I am not the Captain, I'm just crew - but Crew's log doesn't really sound right, so Captain's log it is.

After three months of working (including every weekend, but with James not working it didn't really matter what day of the week it was) we are back to travelling the canals. I have met some wonderful people in my travels through work and boy did I travel!  Some days I was clocking up 180 - 200 miles per day working down in Stratford-Upon-Avon and even as far as Redditch, I was going back and forth twice a day with lots of driving once I actually got there, so glad I had a company car and company fuel card. Other times I was virtually on my doorstep, in Bedworth and Nuneaton.  James has been really looking after me during this time, I always had a nice (no make that lovely) lunch to come back to in my break and all the housework (or should that be boatwork) was done as well as him tackling some of the maintenance jobs.

Having been moored up on our winter mooring at the Pumphouse at Sutton Stop it really was exciting to be moving off again.  So here's this week's roundup:

Monday 4th - it was my Birthday, Jess was already aboard having arrived on Saturday at Bedworth station and Mum was coming (a 2 hour trip, 4 hour return) just for the day.  It was lovely to see her again and much appreciated that she had come all that way. So needless to say, no canal miles were carried out.

Tuesday 5th - Sutton Stop - Coventry Basin 5.6 miles and 0 locks.
Hope you had a good Birthday Keith.

Wednesday 6th - Stayed at Coventry Basin, Jess returned home.

Thursday 7th - Coventry Basin - Sutton Stop 5.6 miles and 0 locks.

Friday 8th Stayed at Sutton Stop.
Hope you also had good Birthdays Donald and Kate.

Saturday 9th - Sutton Stop - Brinklow 7 miles and 1 lock.

Sunday 10th - Brinklow - Bridge 68 near Rugby 7 miles and 0 locks.

Although it's been very cold, and sometimes raining or in today's case snowing, it has been great fun being on the move again. 

At Hawkesbury Junction
Made it through and off the Coventry Canal onto the Oxford

Perfectly lined up for the lock

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